SCE Blast Week #7

Hello everyone! Hope you are all doing well during midterm season❤ [NEW] Algorithms with Ari Koumis Join our president in how to prepare for programming interviews. He will be going over what to study as well as some of the core fundamentals required to do well in programming interviews. When: Tuesday, March 19, 12-2pm Where: ENGR[…]

SCE Blast Week #6

Hello March! Here are some of our new events coming up in the next few weeks. [Officer of the Month] Troy Kurniawan What’s up, everyone? My name is Troy, and I’m a graduating senior (Computer Engineering) at SJSU! I work for the Public Relations team at SCE, helping to promote the community’s latest events and[…]

SCE Blast Week #5

Hello everyone! Hope you’re having a great week so far. Here is are some events coming up. [NEW] Lockheed Martin Information Session If you are interested in tacking the challenges facing our communities, our country, and the world, chances are that Lockheed Martin is working on them. We are looking for college students and graduates ready to[…]

SCE Blast Week #4

Hello everyone! Here is an update on some events which happened and new events coming up.   [✔️] Intel and SCE Dinner Our members went to the Intel at SJSU Dinner event. They discussed career opportunities over dinner with Intel recruiters and learned a lot! [✔️] AWS Workshop with Hashim Shah The AWS Workshop was a[…]

SCE Blast Week #3

Hello everyone! Here is an update on the events coming up.   [NEW] Pink Pancakes for Valentine’s Day Single this Valentine’s Day? No problem! Fill your stomach with pancakes instead of your heart with love this Thursday. We invite you to make your own pancakes, decorate it with berries, and dress it up with whipped[…]