Intro to Bash and Shell Scripts Workshop (Hosted by: Kai Wetlesen) [UPDATE]

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About the Host: Kai Wetlesen is an SJSU alumni (computer engineering) who has worked with IBM as part of the company’s Research Integrated Solutions team. His passion for computer engineering has led him to follow the path of embedded systems.

In this workshop, we will cover how to write basic shell scripts in the POSIX environment. You will some simple scripting concepts including variables, conditionals, for/while looping, filtering, and stream editing. You will also learn the fundamentals of functions and how they work.

With this foundation, we will then examine and work through a case study to write your first script. For those who wish to read ahead, we will be using bash which is installed on virtually every Unix-like computer system out there.

• Intermediate computer programming skills. A working knowledge of C, C++, or Java is preferred.
• A Linux or Unix-based computer system.
• Working knowledge of the command line. This is not an introductory course!

Note for Windows users: Access to a shared system can be provided upon request, please contact facilitator at least three days in advance.

Date: Wednesday, December 5th, 2018
Time: 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Location: ENGR 292