September Newsletter

Fresh Start of the New Year

Hey everyone! How is everyone’s semester going?
We would like welcome old and new members to the Software & Computer Engineering Society and we hope this semester will be special for all of you guys! Know anyone that would like to join? Please invite them to our office in ENGR 294 and SCE will help you out. Without further to do, let’s get on with this month’s events and news!

Officer of the Month:


Hi my name is Pushpal Patil, and I’m a freshman! Growing up, I didn’t really know what type of job I wanted to have. Honestly, I tried to stay away from engineering as much as possible because that classic desk job was something I knew I would not look forward to. Thanks to the high schools today, which include tech related clubs, organizations, and most importantly classes, I was exposed to the variety of powerful jobs one can experience in the tech industry. I no longer imagined my job in the tech industry as a stereotypical desk job but as a position that would allow me to help evolve technology in order to help others and make life much simpler.

Other than that, some fun facts about me are that I love cooking, watching crime shows, I enjoy being active, and I’ve been to 11 schools in my life so far
with SJSU being the 12th.

Thanks for reading!


Upcoming Events:

Job & Internship Fair Success
September 17th 2018 at 4:00 pm
Student Union, Meeting Room 2A and 2B

SJSU Fall’18 STEM Undergraduate Job & Internship Fair (2-DAY EVENT):
Day 1 – Tuesday, September 18th 2018 at 12:00 pm
Day 2 – Wednesday, September 19th 2018 at 12:00 pm
Student Union Ballroom

SJSU Fall’18 STEM Graduate Student Job & Internship Fair
Thursday, September 21th 2018 at 12:00 pm
Student Union Ballroom

Intro to Web Dev Workshop
Thursday, September 20th at 6:00PM
ENGR 292

XingShiCup International Industrial Design Hackathon
From: Saturday, September 29th 2018 10:00AM
To: Sunday, September 30th 2018 6:00PM
1633 Old Bayshore HWY Suite 280, San Francisco, CA 94010

Interview Question of the Month:

Potato Wedges
Merge Two Sorted Lists
Merge two sorted linked lists and return it as a new list. The new list should be made by splicing together the nodes of the first two lists.
Input: 1->2->4, 1->3->4
Output: 1->1->2->3->4->4

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