[Internship/Volunteer Opportunities] APPLY APPLY APPLY!

Good Evening, everyone!
We welcome you an amazing set of summer opportunities. Please apply and good luck with finals SCE!

Elfortum is an E-commerce startup which deal with leather iPhone cases with laser engravings on them. The objective of this is to let users upload their own designs or artworks through a iPhone case designer as shown below ( derived from another website i.e carved.com) and then engrave and ship that to customers. As the developer, you can code this and plug it into our Shopify store and if that is not possible we can move our store to another platform like WordPress or Sqaurespace wherever it’ll be easy and convenient for the developer to work on. We are SJSU students and we are looking for someone from SJSU and the reason is that we are building a business over here which we believe will grow to an amazing extent in coming months, having said that we are willing to give up equity of the company because we want the person to be a part of our team and be with us while we grow.

We are looking for programmers with HTML, CSS, etc. experience to help design this plugin. You can check out the website at https://elfortum.com/
If you’re interested, please email zee@elfortum.com or text/call at (424) 644-7405. Zee is usually on campus on Mondays and Wednesday in case anyone wants to meet up.


Summer in Silicon Valley
Are you an engineering student interested in the innovative and entrepreneurial culture of Silicon Valley? Participate in a 3-week summer program with Silicon Valley leaders about careers in tech companies. Mentor international students i completing team projects related to engineering. Chaperone tours for high-tech companies such as Apple, Google, PayPal, Synopsis, and many more. You’re expected to accomplish 20 hours of work per week and possibly weekends.

The job functions/responsibilities that a mentor assume are listed below; He or she will serve as:
1. Team Leader: self-motivated, check attendance, disseminate information, help mentees adjust new environment (campus life)
2. Facilitator: Lead conversation in problem solving, product design, creative thinking, conclude findings, check progress, resolve any unexpected issues during the three-week program
3. Host: provide information about local attractions, ensure safety practice, navigate through local streets, etc.
4. Helper: assist SSV program coordinator in the event arrangement such as airport pickup and dropoff, field trip chaperones
5. Ambassador: Represent SJSU College of Engineering

Mentor is paid job and the hourly rate is $13/hr. There will be a mentor orientation provided before working.
If you’re interested please email and send resumes to Andrew Tapia at andrew.j.tapia@sjsu.edu



EPICS Program
EPICS is a service-learning, interdisciplinary, design course. As part of the EPICS program, students are partnered with local community organizations and design and build appropriate technologies. Mechanical, Software, Computer and General Engineering students can take the course ENGR 195C/D that counts towards their senior design courses or any engineering student can take ENGR 060SL/160SL as a one-unit elective course.

All students in this course have access to the Makerspace, located on the first floor of the engineering building in the central shop, where students will have access to 3D printers, power tools, a whiteboard, water jet cutter, and a brainstorming space.

If you are interested in joining the EPICS program there will be a showcase on May 15th, 2018 at the Student Union meeting room 1A and 1B from 6pm to 8:30pm. At the showcase, students will present their senior design projects.

If you are are interested in attending the showcase, please contact Priyanka Subramanyam at priyanka.subramanyam@sjsu.edu

For any other additional information please contact Professor Julia Thompson at julia.thompson@sjsu.edu or engineering-epics@sjsu.edu.