[Internship Opportunity] Google Interns Needed for Summer 2018

Google is Looking for SCE Summer Interns!

Jobless Samba

Job Description:
Are you an upcoming graduate who may be interested in jobs at Google? This summer, one of SCE’s alumni at Google is hiring Technical Solutions Consultants (6 months Temp and/or permanent role) in Mountain View and San Francisco.

In little more than a decade, Google has created one of the world’s largest global computing infrastructures for both internal and external use. Using our unique technologies, along with open source tools, we keep Google’s products and services running, robust and secure. Our objective is to create solutions that allow people to work and communicate in new and innovative ways – giving back to the world’s technical community whenever we can.

As a Technical Solutions Consultant intern, you will be part of teams that provide technical support to Google’s external partners and clients. As such, you will play a role in supporting external partners and clients, and develop tools to make our operations smarter and scalable. Your projects could range from driving analysis to determine root causes of customer dissatisfaction, building tools to automate and scale operations or developing custom solutions for some of Google’s top partners.

• Build internal solutions, with custom front-ends (web, mobile) and backend services that automate business processes. Maintain highest levels of development practices including: technical design; solution development; systems configuration; test documentation/execution; issue identification and resolution; writing clean, modular and self-sustaining code.
• Help partners in their day-to-day challenges by delivering innovative and scalable solutions, and troubleshooting their problems. Understand operational workflows, identify and define tool needs to enable operational scaling, and drive the development (initial and ongoing) and deployment of these tools with Engineering.
• Create and update documentation as integration methods are applied (e.g., requirements document, technical design document, project plan, etc).
• Integrate third-party products into internal systems as well as support and upgrade implemented systems. Work closely with analysts to translate business requirements into technical solutions.
• Solve problems that may involve access and analysis of massive amounts of data and information. Help to develop massively scalable, distributed software systems and collaborate on different smaller projects.

Minimum Qualifications:
• BA/BS degree in Computer Science or a related technical field or equivalent practical experience.
• Experience with coding in languages such as Python or Java.
• Experience with database design and SQL.

If you’re interested in this opportunity, please feel free to contact one of our Alumni from Google: agnesl@google.com