[Internship Opportunity Available] SJSU Startup w/ Ambii

Motivated Software Engineers Needed!

A message from Startup Owner & Founder: Shariq Shah

I am the founder of Ambii, a social music streaming solution to address group music listening. Ambii is made for any groups that listen to music together. Through Ambii, groups of people can come together in a party and upvote, downvote, and add songs to better control the music that is playing for the group. This sort of group listening experience can be provided for free to general users and for a subscription to stores, cafes, restaurants, lounges, bars, and workplaces.
We are looking for motivated and active software engineers who are interested on working on a real world project. We have a large team of ten people and are looking to grow with one or two more developers. Our software stack includes Angular2(4), Firebase, NodeJS, Express, Swift, Android, and NativeScript. Since we are an limited liability company (LLC), this opportunity can count as an internship.
We are backed by various organizations and faculty around campus including SJSU IDEA’s Incubator, Professor Basu, and Professor Ishie. We are also working with ABC Accelerator as a potential investment opportunity for them. We are Silicon Valley Innovation Challenge winners and are guaranteed for Zinnstarter funding. We have a working MVP Web Application and Android Application. We plan to generate revenue from February 28th.
This is a great opportunity for a developer to get their hands dirty and work in a production environment. We will back them with a solid and supportive team, strong leadership, and significant learning opportunities.
If you are interested, you can e-mail: shariq@ambii.io.