[Project Opportunity Available] App Developers Needed

University Project Programmers Needed Immediately!


SpotMe is a parking app that tells individuals where parking is available. We are using sensors that count cars as they enter and leave garages. So far, we have our hardware almost completely done. However, we are in need of two Software/CS majors that know how to code (Java, JavaScript, C/C ++ or Python). We are looking for individuals to start coding by the first week of Spring 2018 semester. We need coders with intermediate or advanced skills. Our scope of work will consist of 12-15 weeks. The sooner we start the earlier we can implement at SJSU. So far we have the college of business Dean Dan Moshavi, SJSU’s CFO Charlie Fass, and SJSU’s Chief of Police Peter Decena interested on our project.

The skills we are looking for include:
• Back end-node developers
• React or angular experience
• Cross platform application for android and iOS (React Native or Ionic)
• Strong work ethic and sense of loyalty
• Passionate to solve the parking issue
• Can contribute at least 10 hours a week

We are located in the IDEAS Club located in the student union. If you are interested email me at: steve.suarez@sjsu.edu or text me @ (831-998-0017) From there our team will interview you, and if we think that you are the right fit, our team will talk about incentives we can offer you. However, we are looking for hard working individuals who are serious about fixing the parking issue at SJSU. If you are doing this for the money this project is not for you. We want to solve the campus parking issue. This is a university project.

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