Newsletter April


Welcome back SCE!
Are you feeling refreshed from spring break? Are you ready to hit the ground running and finish this semester strong? Well good news, SCE has a wonderful list of events for you while you’re out there studying and acing those exams!

With spring already hopping on its way, we have some important announcements. This time we’re having a month full of exciting workshops. Tell your friends and classmates to learn something new this semester. Here at SCE we are committed to improving the community with tons of opportunities.
linkedin_pic_drOfficer of the Month: Don Pornaras
Hi everybody!
I am a second year Mechanical Engineering student and current treasurer of SCE. Some of you may have seen me in the club room, or stalking the halls of the engineering building throughout the day. I’ve chosen the path of an engineer because it allows me to live and breathe a lifestyle (which has been changed, yes, many times) that forces me to constantly learn about new ideas and topics that are usually just barely outside of my comfort zone. Hanging out in places such as SCE always keeps me on my toes, as I must often be in a state of critical thinking to merely have a conversation with those more experienced. This also holds true with my peers who happen to know a lot about topics I am completely unfamiliar with. The fact that every person who takes on engineering as a career path has something slightly (in some cases, very) different to bring to the table makes it feel like there is no limit to the knowledge available to me. I find this to be the greatest beauty in the practice of engineering, as there always seems to be a niche (even if there isn’t a job at the moment…) for every engineer who is willing to put in effort and care into their work. It is this beauty, along with the fact that I am constantly striving to bridge the gap between applied scientific theory and technical “street smarts” that keeps me going through the day and makes staying up late studying and doing projects absolutely worth it. This is true to the extent that nearly every sentence in this paragraph has a specific story behind it that has led me to think this way, some of which you may have been apart of. Feel free to ask me about it when you see me around, and I look forward to sharing learning experiences with many of you in the future. Keep on engineering, ya’ll!

List of upcoming events:
Scripting Workshop – Monday, April 17th
Movie Night ft. Star Wars – Thursday, April 27th
Advanced Arduino with RFID – Monday, May 1st

Technical Interview Bonus Question:
Longest Word: Given a list of words, write a program to find the longest word made of other words in the list.
Input cat, banana, dog, nana, walk, walker, dogwalker
Output: dogwalker

You’re more than welcome to come to the board in the club room to solve this problem.