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Services Provided To You By SCE

SCE Store

Snacks, Beverages, Muffins, Frozen Dinners and CMPE lab supplies at your convience.


30 pages of printing for members every week. Resets every Sunday.

Locker Space

Three members to a locker for $10/person.

Hardware Hacking Station

Equipped with ESD benches, multimeters, soldering irons, fume fans, and power supplies.


Almost every table in the room comes with a monitor for your laptop or any other project that requires a monitor.

3D Printing

Working on a project requiring a custom part? Our 3D printing services are for you! Contact our 3D Printing Specialist Nicholas Papano at nicholas.papano@sjsu.edu about our ABS and PLA printing options.

About Us


The Software & Computer Engineering Society is a place for students interested in the fields of computer engineering and software engineering to congregate and collaborate. Operated by student volunteers, our student organization strives to offer a good environment for our future engineers to prosper. Study groups, workshops, info sessions, and social events are provided to members of the Society to help our fellow students improve their academics, develop their skill set, learn more about their disciplines, and grow alongside their colleagues.

SCE Executive Team

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Ari Koumis

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Evan Ugarte

Vice President
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Pranav Patil

Software Development Chair
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Keven Gallegos

Executive Advisor
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Alisha Mehndiratta

Event Planning Chair
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Thenu Senthil

Public Relations Chair
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Don Robert Pornaras

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Lorena Silva

Store Manager
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Nick Derry

3D Printing Specialist